Can you really communicate with your customers?

Gym membership clubs are facing more rapid times of change than ever before. Are you ready to operate in 2020's?

There is an ongoing debate whether we live in the midst of the biggest change in human history. Everyone has their own opinion on that. One thing that everyone agrees on is that things are truly changing.

Most industries are already developing products, services and user interfaces for the customers os tomorrow. Wellness and fitness industry is among them with virtual group classes, budget gyms and web shops - or are we?

Gas stations have had kiosks for decades now. You've been able to withdraw cash from ATMs without visiting the bank office. Flights to Mallorca can be booked online - these solutions are on the verge of being adults already! They are not new solutions at any perspective.

Virtual group lessons and other digital extertainment solutions are a step towards the new decade though. Other than that we are providing customers with solutions even ourselves feel outdated. How come?

Over 75% of the traffic in your website is from mobile phone.

Over 90% carries their mobile phone to their gym.​​​​​​​

How is our industry trying to benefit that? Many gym operators have their own mobile app! For what? "You can browse our news and group lesson schedule." Great. Even Siri can do that quicker or our beloved Google find it from our website.

The user interface of gym membership customer is from the nineties. That's our problem.

Let's change that - together.

Joni Meskanen

Writer has been working in the gym industry since 2002 and enjoys learning every day. He is the creative director of WiseGym.

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