What is Our Mobile Gym Card?

Our innovation benefits mobile app in order to access the gym facilities. The app can also provide the end customer with many other meaningful features.

Accessing the Gym Facilities

Mobile Gym Card is the preferred user interface for the end customer to access the gym facilities just by pressing a button in the app.

The customer has to meet the required parametres (valid access right, GPS location near enough the door/gate to be opened etc.) set by the operating gym so that the door/gate would open.

Mobile Gym Card makes gym mobile app significantly more meaningful and engages the customer to the app.

App adding value

Providing mobile app to the gym customers seems to be trending, although the value added to the end user is often uncertain. There is no absolute value in mobile app - why customer has to make the extra effort downloading it? Mobile app must add value to the customership.

WiseGym provides many useful features to add in the app in order to make it beneficial for the customer. App can always be tailored for the needs and concept of the gym but it can provide these features i.a.

  • enrolment to group exercises, classes, courses and other events
  • editing own personal contacts
  • contacting the customer service
  • buying gym services, joining the club
  • newsfeed and push notifications
  • booking personal trainer

Benefits of Using WiseGym

WiseGym is an ERP system for innovative and developing gym membership clubs. We provide tools to automate everything that isn't your competitive edge.

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