WiseGym – setting the pace

We have a total of 100 years of experience in gym operations and various gym management systems. We’ve had enough of inefficient processes and coordinating different systems. We want to make gym operations easy and efficient – and most of all, fun!

We have created a system that frees up your time for the most important thing: motivating customers and developing your business. WiseGym facilitates the acquisition of new customers, increases the satisfaction of existing customers and boosts additional sales. Our system allows you to produce communications that engage your customers. We automate tasks so that you are not needed.

We want you to keep up with your customers. Consumers are increasingly well-informed and demand fast and easy services. With WiseGym, you can offer your customers a more comprehensive gym experience and more effective interaction. The WiseGym system digitises the necessary services and allows you to reach your customers in their daily lives. Access cards are history, a mobile gym card is always with you wherever you go.

Our goal is to provide your company with a real competitive advantage, better profit and more satisfied customers.

Training is not always easy, but the system needs to be. WiseGym sets the pace!

Benefits of Using WiseGym

WiseGym is an ERP system for innovative and developing gym membership clubs. We provide tools to automate everything that isn't your competitive edge.

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