WiseGym system initiation

The opening and installation of the system will be done on behalf of WiseGym on the basis of discussions with the customer according to the schedule and instructions requested by the customer. It takes a couple of weeks to open the system, depending on the scope of the customer's operations.

CMS - content management system (web site)

  • The look and feel of the web site
  • Importing content from current site
  • Possible APIs to external data
  • Social media integration

Tasks for the customer: approving of the look and feel. Creating new content.


  • Tag mapping (following customer actions)
  • Importing data (companies and persons)
  • Managing user roles (who is allowed to do what in the system). Implemented during the user education.

Tasks for the customer: delivering data as an electronic file.

Marketing - digital marketing tools

  • Newsletters
    • Look and feel for the newsletter template
    • Automated mailing lists
    • Settings to email server
    • Creation of sender addresses
  • Surveys
    • Creation of surveys (feedback, contact, etc.)
  • Setting the event management
  • Creation of the mobile app

Tasks for the customer: approving the look and feel of the newsletter template, approving the plan for mailing lists, delivering the preferred sender addresses, creating events (e.g. group excercise classes) in to the system.


  • Product and contract management
    • Importing current contracts into the system
    • Accounting accounts to the products
  • WiseEcommerce
    • Setting the payment intermediary connections
    • Activating products to the web store
    • Look and feel of the web store

Tasks for the customer: creation of the products, delivering current contract data as an electronic file, approving the web store look and feel.

Financial management

  • Importing the account card into the system

User training

​​​​​​​We train the customer's staff from day one with short web trainings (the basic idea is one thing per training). Immediately after the training, the aim is to put the matter into practice. The purpose is to get a comprehensive picture of the system immediately. Detailed training, sparring and development idea discussions practically start right from the system subscription.

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