Benefits of Using WiseGym

WiseGym is an ERP system for innovative and developing gym membership clubs. We provide tools to automate everything that isn't your competitive edge.

Why WiseGym?

Our basic princible
In WiseGym all functions and modules are under one user interface - accessibile with one password.

Let the machine do what is not your core and doesn't provide you competitive edge. E.g. invoicing, and maintaing accounts ledger doesn't highlight your gym from the competitor and therefore can be automated without any extra cost. You can focus in branding, engaging your audience better, improving customer experience...

End user interface
We have to answer the demands of the customer in the global world of netflixes, ubers, wolts and so on. Technology provides us means to find new solutions and to exist in customers' every day life. Therefore we have renewed the user interface for gym members by launching mobile gym card for example.

Costs of the system
The costs of using WiseGym are transparent without any hidden costs. In order to improve your performance WiseGym generates new incomes to your business.

Innovative attitude
We don't accept old solutions without proper arguments. The ERP system bends in the needs of the business - never vice versa!


WiseCRM is the most important driver of the whole system. CRM drives and triggers all of the other functions and modules within the system.

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Contact Us

Are you interested in an introduction of WiseGym? Please send us your contact information and we will give you one!

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