Benefits of Using WiseGym

WiseGym is an ERP system for innovative and developing gym membership clubs. We provide tools to automate everything that isn't your competitive edge.

Why WiseGym?

A truly agile system

In the WiseGym system, all functionalities are truly one family: you can manage your entire business from a single interface.

Increased efficiency and competitiveness through automation

We automate tasks so that your input is no longer needed. The system takes care of invoicing, purchase and sales ledger management so that you can focus on the tasks that form your competitive advantage. WiseGym frees up your time for brand and business development, creating engaging content, and improving the customer experience.

Improved customer satisfaction with digital services

Consumers are increasingly well-informed and demand fast and easy services. With WiseGym, you can digitalise your services and offer your customers a more comprehensive gym experience and more effective interaction. With the WiseGym mobile application, you can reach your customers in their everyday life. Access cards are history, a mobile gym card is always with you wherever you go.

Transparent costs

With the WiseGym system, you do not have to worry about any hidden costs, everything is based on transparency. WiseGym saves costs and, more importantly, creates new revenue streams for your business. Our goal is to ensure better profit for your business.

Innovative approach

We have a total of 100 years of experience in gym operations and various gym management systems. We want to help you switch inefficient processes and old systems to truly agile alternatives. Your business and goals determine what the system needs to accomplish, not the other way around. We want to provide your company with innovative solutions that help you grow your business.

Training is not always easy, but the system should be. WiseGym keeps up the pace!


WiseCRM is the most important driver of the whole system. CRM drives and triggers all of the other functions and modules within the system.

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