WiseCRM is the most important driver of the whole system. CRM drives and triggers all of the other functions and modules within the system.

WiseCRM – the brains of the system

CRM follows the behavior of an individual customer and reacts based on it in order to segment the customer in correct post list for example. CRM is the foundation of all external communication. It is where all of the customers' history is saved in - purchases in web shop, contracts, registrations to classes, filled forms and so on. Every single customer servant (and the automatic communications) can serve the customer with the best available information. Everything is done according to EU's GDPR regulation.

WiseCRM – The logic of customership

Our basic princible is that the whole lifecycle of customership must be able to be managed in CRM.

Following tabs can be found behind the customer card in CRM:

  • basic personal and contact info
  • activities (contracts, purchases in web shop, contracts, registrations to classes, filled forms)
  • access rights (contract info, rfid cards & mobile gym card, access data)
  • communications
  • privacy (GDPR regulated data)
  • payment methods (payment method chosen by the customer and log of changes in it)

Communicating according to customer behavior versus chronological order​​​​​​​

Tradionally gym membership clubs have been communicating based on the "age" of the customership - e.g. 7 days after joining the customer receives survey on how have things went in the gym. The problem is that different individuals tend to behave very differently compared to each other. The communications should be significantly different to customer who has excercised every single day during the first week compared to the one who hasn't visited the gym at all yet.

WiseCRM follows the behavior of the customer and tags the customer automatically in proper communication groups and segments.



In addition to being your business card towards your customers WiseWebsite also operates as the content engine for your business.

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Software as a Service

WiseGym is a SaaS service accessible with any device connected to internet. Costs are fixed and the system is always updated to the latest version.

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All in One System.