In addition to being your business card towards your customers WiseWebsite also operates as the content engine for your business.

Easy to update

WiseWebsite content is published by WiseCMS system which allows you to publish content not only to your web page but also to newsletters, push notifications in mobile app, social media and your infoTV system.

Motor behind your web site is CRM which manages the access of different user groups to different content. That is how your web site can be used as a intranet or extranet also. SEO and analytics have been integrated as a part of the system in order to give you the access to every module by using the same system and same passwords.

Our CMS provides you with tools to create modern elements and structures, highlight surveys and other forms or - most importantly lead the customer to the web shop easier than ever before.

Landing pages

Just select your target, your content and your audience - You can easily create different landing pages with our CMS system. Differentiate with your marketing communications and let the system automatise everything else.


WiseCRM is the most important driver of the whole system. CRM drives and triggers all of the other functions and modules within the system.

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All in One System.