WiseGym – keeping up the pace since 2016

We want to make gym operations easy and efficient – and most of all, fun! Our goal is to provide your company with a real competitive advantage, better profit and more satisfied customers.

Training is not always easy, but the system needs to be

We have a total of 100 years of experience in gym operations and various gym management systems. At the turn of the millennium, paper and pen were replaced by digital systems, opening up a new world for us. However, it soon became clear that most gym software would not respond to the changed business environment. Thus, business operations were changed to fit the characteristics of information systems. Crazy, isn't it?

We had enough of inefficient processes and coordinating different systems. We explored different system options and discussed them with our colleagues across Europe. In the end, we realised that no system suited the needs of the industry. That’s how we got the idea to create our own system.

The idea was left to simmer for a few years until we happened to come across WiseNetwork. We quickly found a common passion: to create better systems and to make entrepreneurship more agile. WiseNetwork offered the best marketing, content production and financial management features, and we had the expertise and passion for gym business. That is how WiseGym was born.

Benefits of Using WiseGym

WiseGym is an ERP system for innovative and developing gym membership clubs. We provide tools to automate everything that isn't your competitive edge.

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